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Taken from my own personal experiences and numerous coaching sessions with my clients, I've compiled a list of 4 of these "types" of men to avoid dating and how to recognize them quickly! He's unpredictable and vague about the details of his life.

He answers questions with questions, avoids meaningful conversations and getting anything beyond basic info from him is like pulling teeth.

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If you're a woman among the "single and ready to mingle", you're likely to encounter a few men with issues that hinder progress towards being in the healthy relationship you desire. When you first meet he might ask a lot of questions about you, but after knowing him for a while, you feel like you don't know very much about him.

First impressions really do count – both in real life and in online dating.

When meeting someone in real life, you have the ability to convey tone, humour, and a sense of who you are within the first few minutes.

More than anything, stay positive, stay open and don't settle for less. Christina Michelle currently resides in Los Angeles, California coaching women and hosting workshops in the areas of confidence, organization and relationships.

Christina takes a direct, warm and caring approach to life and her career.

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